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Auto Body Repair – Deer Park Long Island

One Stop Truck & Auto Collision is Long Island’s leading heavy equipment and large vehicle auto collision store, providing the quality equipment and services with award winning results.

Contacting One Stop Truck & Auto Collision for advice or a quote is the best decision you will make for your heavy equipment and large vehicle auto collision needs, providing cutting edge expertise and equipment.

Award winning owner and staff members stand out in the industry for their commitment to providing customer satisfaction with the best workmanship our highly trained experts can provide. Owner Henry Putre has been in the sector for 32 years. Your job is in safe hands with the knowledge and expertise to personalize your needs with pinpoint accuracy.

Our team offers highly trained personnel specializing in custom paint work, cab color changes, collision. We also offer fabrications, frame repairs, restorations, customizing, dry freight bodies and refrigerant bodies. We fix dents, offer sand blasting, insurance, welding technicians, custom striping and lettering and custom body kit installation and custom chroming.

We are also certified PPG Fleet and Automotive Refinish technicians.

Call us now for a free quote on all your heavy vehicle and auto collision needs on 631 392 1370, pay us a visit at 850 Grand Blvd in Deer Park opposite the Miller Ale House or contact us via our website, wwww.onestoptruckandautocollision.com

Please find us here on Google +

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Repair My Car Long lsland

For the very best in auto and truck repairs in the Long Island area, One Stop Truck & Auto Collision should definitely be your first choice. One Stop offers free collision repair estimates at their state–of–the art repair facility for all types of auto body collision repairs and they specialize in repairing large vehicles and heavy equipment.

Conveniently located across the street from Miller Ale House and Tanger Outlets on Grand Boulevard in Deer Park, One Stop is pleased to offer its customers a recently designed and decorated waiting room complete with cable television for comfort and convenience while waiting.

One Stop’s proud owner, Henry Putre, has been in the auto and truck collision repair business since 1981 and was well-known for his caring customer service and expertise previously at Riteway Truck & Auto Collision. His honesty and direct approach are as famous as his passion for the collision repair industry as a professional businessman.

One Stop’s 6,000 square foot repair facility, which is fully equipped with four massive truck bays that are big enough for 18 to 20 cars, is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday. So, give them a call today at (631) 392-1370 to schedule your free estimate.

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Truck Body Repair Long Island

Let’s face it, most of us have been distracted while backing up or performing another maneuver with the car. You hear an awful grinding noise and that once pristine finish now has an admirable gash from your friendly neighborhood mail box. Not to worry. If the scratch isn’t too serious, you can easily fix it.

First take a look at the damage. Is it down from the clear coat to a bit of the base color? With a minor scratch you can sand the paint down to the level of the nick. First you need to clean it off with soap and water. Then, you need 2000 high grit sandpaper to lightly smooth out the scratch. Next, use a rubbing compound to buff out the scratch. You can use an available polishing cloth or an oscillating polisher to make quick work out of it. Then, you need to lightly buff out the rest of the compound. Apply car wax to the area and you’re finished.

If your car’s scratch is deep down to the primer or the steel, then you’ll want a professional to touch up your paint job. The mechanics at One Stop Truck & Auto Collision are experts at paint repair. Call 631-392-1370 for an estimate today.

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Auto Body Repair Shop Deer Park Long Island

Looking for an auto body repair shop in Deer Park that does spectacular work, but won’t leave you broke? If you are, then One Stop Truck & Auto Collision just might be the answer to your problem. They work on cars, big trucks, heavy equipment , dry freight bodies and refrigerant bodies. Their expert specialists fix frame damage, restore paintwork, and can even customize your car, so it looks exactly like you want it to. Their state of the art facility is staffed with collision specialists that can perform any type of repair, from taking out a small dent, to performing an entire restoration.

If you’re looking for custom work, this is the place to go for flawless custom striping, lettering, and paint work. They can repaint your entire vehicle, and give you custom design and airbrush services. Their prices are affordable, and they will work with your insurance company. If your car has been damaged in a collision, or you need expert custom work, call One Stop Truck & Auto Collision today at 631-392-1370 and get a free estimate.

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Mobile Car Dent Repair

You never know when an unexpected shopping cart or bump from another car door will happen. Small incidents can easily leave unsightly dents in your car. Getting that unexpected dent repaired may not fit into your busy lifestyle. The specialists at One Stop Truck & Auto Collision can come to you to fix those small dents and dings. Dents and dings may seem like a small thing but dents can reduce the resale value of your car by 15 to 20 percent. Mobile dent removal is gentle yet efficient. Your car can look like new fast. And mobile dent removal does not require invasive body work.

Some Benefits of Mobile Dent Repair:

Mobile dent removal is quick and easy.
The process is cost efficient.
There is no need to find a color match, repaint your vehicle or use fillers.
You will never know the dent was there when the process is completed.

One Stop Truck & Auto Collision dent removal is sure to fit into your busy schedule. Our professionals will come to your home or workplace, making the dent removal process convenient for you. Call One Stop Truck & Auto Collision at 631-392-1370 for answers to your questions, to get an estimate or to schedule an appointment today.

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Domestic Car Repair – 5 Ways to Make Sure You Don’t Get Screwed

The last thing you need after a car accident is to wind up taking the vehicle to an auto shop that doesn’t have your best interests in mind. There are five things you can do to make the process go smoothly.
  • If there is only visible damage, ask the auto shop to give your vehicle a thorough once over anyway and report their findings to you. Sometimes there’s more worrisome damage that can’t be seen at first glance.
  • Try to get a second opinion. This can be difficult if you have to send your car to a shop right away following an accident. However, a second opinion could mean the difference between good and bad work.
  • Even if you may think you’ll get faster, better service from a smaller shop that isn’t busy, sometimes a busy shop is a better shop. Good auto repair shops tend to have higher volumes of clientele.
  • Let experience win out. Find a shop with mechanics and body specialists that have been in the business for a long time. Their experience and passion for vehicles makes a big difference.
  • Finally, call One Stop Truck & Auto Collision at 631-392-1370 for fastest, most honest and affordable service in Deer Park.
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Auto Body Repair Shop – Find the Most Reliable Shops

If your car or truck has been in an accident and you are looking for a good body shop, it can be confusing. On the one hand, you want to find a place that will do a high quality job, but on the other hand you don’t want to have to pay too much. Even with insurance you don’t want a body shop doing unnecessary work to increase the total cost of the bill to your insurance company.

A reliable repair shop will have a lot of experience with insurance jobs. Their estimates will never include work that is not required. If it is optional work, this will be pointed out during the estimate of the job.

A reliable shop will not only give a good price but will also be able to finish the job in a timely manner, and always within the time frame given when the job is taken.

Another problem when searching for an auto repair shop is that some facilities will only work on certain types of cars. Others may work on all cars but not on trucks. Some repair shops will do certain types body work but not everything. To solve this problem you need to go to One Stop Truck & Auto Collision. Located in Deer Park, they provide a full range of body work. For a free estimate, call 631-392-1370.

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Using a truck collision repair shop

Whether your truck is totaled, outdated, or is a competing classic, a professional team of auto-body professionals are good people to know. Working under your hood or performing routine maintenance on your truck is one thing, but with body work, there is a lot more at stake.

Collisions can happen at any minute, and would if you didn’t have to scrap what you may consider one of your best friends? Would if you could either restore it to exactly how you remember or even make it better? Going to a truck collision repair shop can make that possible.

Truck and car shows will always have a big part in our culture and it’s important for people who bring their rides to show to have the best looking ride possible. So when you look at the color and see it doesn’t match the interior two weeks before the show, would if you could fix that issue quickly? Again, you can by bringing it to let a group of professionals take care of it for you.

It’s also comforting just knowing that you can keep your ride scratch, dent, and rust free. Call One Stop Truck & Auto Collision today and see how our professionals can help you at (631) 392-1370.

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