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Vehicle Repair Commack Long Island

When in an auto collision, there are many things that cross a driver’s mind when getting a vehicle repair on long island. These things include filing a police report, insurance claims and who will fix the vehicle. The last thing that a driver should worry about in the time of an auto collision in the Deer Park, NY area is who will fix or where to get their vehicle fixed. One Stop Truck and Auto Collision is an all around collision repair center that can help with anything from paint work and frame repair from collisions all the way to fabrications, restorations, and customizations for a driver who wishes to change their ride.

One Stop Truck and Auto Collision provides state of the art collision repair but also unique customization jobs on vehicles. The company can help with dings and dents, insurance collisions, partial or full vehicle repaints, custom paint jobs, airbrushing and custom designs, sand blasting, custom body kit installs, and custom chrome jobs. One Stop Truck and Auto Collision provides all of these services for payments by checks (personal, company or insurance), certified checks, money orders or any major credit card. When in need of collision vehicle repair on long island or just a great customization job, call One Stop Truck and Auto Collision at 631-392-1370 for all of your needs!

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Auto Collision Dear Park Long Island

A car accident is something that can happen at a moment’s notice. What’s unfortunate about accidents is that in most cases there is nothing you can do to prevent the damage that happens to your vehicle. After all the dust has settled and insurance claims have been filed, finding a local auto body shop dealer that specializes in collision repairs will be necessary. Here at onestoptruckandautocollision.com we can provide you with high quality auto body repair services that will improve the overall appearance of your vehicle so you can get back to driving
with pride!

· Frame repairs – been in a bad accident that resulted in the actual frame of your car being damaged? As you know having a bent frame can prove dangerous for your safety and your car. With trained technicians on staff, we are able to repair the damage easily restoring your car to its original shape.

· Dent repairs – There is nothing worse than seeing dents and dings on your car door. Our auto body repair technicians are trained to repair those dents as if they never happened giving your car the curb appeal it once had.

Dealing with an auto collision is stressful enough. Don’t put yourself through the stress of selecting the wrong auto body repair shop! With onestoptruckandautocollision.com we assure you that your car or truck will be restored to new. For more service information give us a call at 631-392-1370.

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Auto Collision Long Island New York

One Stop Truck and Auto Collision was started with the goal to be the best place on Long Island to have collision and repair work done on your truck or car, and we have achieved that goal. The many testimonials we receive from our customers tell us their frustrations they experienced as they tried to get simple collision work done on their truck or car. Many places were not interested because there wasn’t much money in such a small job. And, then they found One Stop Truck and Auto Collision and their prayers were answered.

One Stop Truck and Auto Collision will give the same courteous, professional attention to the smallest repair, as we do for our largest jobs. You have our word on that. We have the best customer service reputation in the industry, with our high quality collision repairs and our friendly staff. We will put your car or truck back to pristine condition quickly and at a price you wouldn’t think possible. We have been in business a long time and once you become our customer, you are a customer for life.

You really owe it to yourself to see what dealing with the very best collision specialists on Long Island means. Please call us at 631-392-1370 if you have any questions at all.

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Auto Collision Repair Deer Park

Are you looking for an auto collision repair company in Deer Park that can fix your vehicle? Well, One Stop Truck and Auto Collision is a company that believes in helping you to fix the problem.

They do amazing work on vehicles, and they are said to be one of the friendliest auto collision repair companies in the Deer Park area. They offer over nine different services that can help you with fixing your vehicle. On their website, you can get free estimates for your vehicle, and you can also learn things from their blog. You can also check out their customer testimonials if you are looking for a little bit of reassurance that this company will give you what you want.

The nice thing about One Stop Truck and Auto Collision is that they are a company that delivers on their promises. You will not be disappointed by going with this company. You can find their website at Onestoptruckandautocollision.com.

You can also reach them by phone at 631-692-1370.

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How to Find a Reliable Car Collision Repair Center

One Stop Truck and Auto Collision offers everything you should look for in a car collision repair center. They have experience, exceptional facilities, reliable business hours, and offer free estimates. One Stop provides a wide variety of auto and truck work, with experience and integrity. Henry Putre, who founded the business, has over thirty years of experience, his earlier years through Riteway Truck and Auto Collision. More than forty auto and truck related services that run from repairs to refurbishing are available at One Stop.

Located in Deer Park, New York, its impressive facility with its state of the art equipment and resources can hold eighteen to twenty cars, with large bays for trucks. The waiting room has comfortable furnishings and cable TV if you prefer to wait for your car or truck.

From eight to five Monday through Friday, One Stop can easily handle something small like a dent as well as a larger job like frame repair. They offer custom paint jobs, color changes, collision work, and more. Take advantage of One Stop and Auto Collision’s free estimates and easy payment system that ranges from cash to check to a credit card. Call and set an appointment for your free estimate at (631)392-1370.

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Auto Collision Repair Shop–How to Find the Best Ones

There is a sea of auto collision repair shops out there and finding the best ones takes a bit of time. When your vehicle has been damaged in a collision, whether it is a fender bender or a major crash, you want to find someone who can get the job done in a reasonable amount of time for an affordable amount of money. Don’t just go to the first number in the book. Do your homework first.

The internet is a great place to start. You can make a list of several shops in your area and look for customer reviews or testimonials. Also, talk to your colleagues, friends, and family and see if they are satisfied with any of the shops on your list. If not, who have they found to be reliable? Once you’ve narrowed down your list, get estimates from your top three picks and compare.

Make sure the shop can take care of all of the external patch up work that has to be done on your vehicle and that they work well with insurance companies to get the job done efficiently and quality performance. Onestoptruckandautocollision is a place you can count on to get the job done for you. Call 631-392-1370 and breathe easy today.

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Using a truck collision repair shop

Whether your truck is totaled, outdated, or is a competing classic, a professional team of auto-body professionals are good people to know. Working under your hood or performing routine maintenance on your truck is one thing, but with body work, there is a lot more at stake.

Collisions can happen at any minute, and would if you didn’t have to scrap what you may consider one of your best friends? Would if you could either restore it to exactly how you remember or even make it better? Going to a truck collision repair shop can make that possible.

Truck and car shows will always have a big part in our culture and it’s important for people who bring their rides to show to have the best looking ride possible. So when you look at the color and see it doesn’t match the interior two weeks before the show, would if you could fix that issue quickly? Again, you can by bringing it to let a group of professionals take care of it for you.

It’s also comforting just knowing that you can keep your ride scratch, dent, and rust free. Call One Stop Truck & Auto Collision today and see how our professionals can help you at (631) 392-1370.

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Why You Should Enlist Body Work for Your Car at the Body Shop

For one reason or another, the body of your car needs to be worked on from time to time. Perhaps it is just minor scratches or cleaning, or it can be major projects such as repainting, collision repair, or body modifications. While it has been said that it would be great if you can do your own body work, not everyone are blessed with the skill or the time to do the work by themselves. So the next best thing is to actually enlist the help of a body shop. Why should you give the job to them?

The first and arguably the most important reason why you should give a body shop the reins in repairing your car or truck is to ensure the job is going to be done right. It is arguable that you can do the job by yourself, but if you want your car’s body work to be spot-on, then it is best to send your car to the shop. Most of the mechanics working on these shops have years of experience doing this job, so you can rest assure that they know what they’ll have to do once your car arrives at their garage. In fact, some of these mechanics are actually experts in what they do.

Have you been involved in a crash or any other accident that caused your car a significant amount of damage? During these situations, it would be best to hand the work to people who know how to get it right. From dent and scratch repair to replacement of body panels, these body work experts are going to help your car get back on the road in the best condition as soon as possible.

Perhaps you are seeking to revitalize the body work of your car. The best way to do that is to apply a fresh coat of paint. Whether you are seeking to restore the original color of your car or you want to apply a trick paint job complete with customized details and graphics, enlisting the job to a qualified body shop assures you that you get the results you are looking for and more.

There are many things that a good body shop can do for your car. They can do anything from refurbishing to putting a new twist on your ride. Because of this level of expertise, it would be best to leave the body work job to the experts if you want the best results for your car.

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What to Do and How to Deal with an Auto Collision Center

A car collision may be one of the most unfortunate mishaps that you will encounter, so you better know how to deal with an auto collision center. What exactly do they do and how should you act while with them?

When you take your automobile into the auto collision center, someone there will assess the damage in your car. After that, he will give you an estimated price breakdown of repairs to be done. Remember that what you get first from the shop is an estimated price breakdown, not the actual price breakdown – the actual price may be higher because the preliminary assessment of your car does not include internal damages. You also find out about how long it will take before you get your car back.

You and your car insurance company inspect the fees, and approve them. Then the repair starts. Keep in mind that during the repair your car may be disassembled because there might be internal damage. Everything broken is fixed – the purpose of an auto collision center is to bring back the car to a factory-level state. In the end there will be a road test that will make sure that the car really works to your satisfaction.

For inquiries, you should ask the technician in the auto collision center who is in charge of repairing your car. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about anything. Also bear with the insurance company who’s in charge of the expenses and then know some rules in dealing with them. For instance, an insurance company cannot force you to get your car repaired in an auto collision center of their choice. It’s your choice. Also, you have to wait for additional fees to be charged aside from the initial assessment because of internal damages.

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