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Auto Collision Dear Park Long Island

A car accident is something that can happen at a moment’s notice. What’s unfortunate about accidents is that in most cases there is nothing you can do to prevent the damage that happens to your vehicle. After all the dust has settled and insurance claims have been filed, finding a local auto body shop dealer that specializes in collision repairs will be necessary. Here at onestoptruckandautocollision.com we can provide you with high quality auto body repair services that will improve the overall appearance of your vehicle so you can get back to driving
with pride!

· Frame repairs – been in a bad accident that resulted in the actual frame of your car being damaged? As you know having a bent frame can prove dangerous for your safety and your car. With trained technicians on staff, we are able to repair the damage easily restoring your car to its original shape.

· Dent repairs – There is nothing worse than seeing dents and dings on your car door. Our auto body repair technicians are trained to repair those dents as if they never happened giving your car the curb appeal it once had.

Dealing with an auto collision is stressful enough. Don’t put yourself through the stress of selecting the wrong auto body repair shop! With onestoptruckandautocollision.com we assure you that your car or truck will be restored to new. For more service information give us a call at 631-392-1370.

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Auto Body Paint Repair Deer Park

Looking for a reliable shop that can do work on your recently damaged auto, look no further than One Stop Truck and Auto Collision Repair in Deer Park. At this location you can professional paint, restoration, and repair services performed by licensed mechanics.

Making vehicles look their best is what One Stop specializes in. They offer services such as painting, restoration, customizing, and fabrication. Their mechanics also know how to correct framework issues and can even take care of both dry freight and refrigerant body trucks as well.

In a hurry, no worries. There trained professionals realize that time is money and so when they give you an estimate of both time and money they will be accurate. You can trust in the fact that you will have your vehicle back and completed as promised. It will most likely be the best experience you will ever have with an auto body shop in New York.

When you need body work done in Deer Park, there is only one company to call and that is One Stop Truck and Auto Collision Repair. You can reach them on the web at onestoptruckandautocollision.com or by phone at 1-631-392-1370.

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Tips To Choose Car Body And Custom Paint Shop

Selecting the best auto shop to handle and work on your car body paint can make or break the entire quality of your accomplished accident repair job. While the overall quality of work rendered by the trade has substantially improved in previous years, there are still a lot of varying means of choosing an auto body shop. If you are a first timer in looking for a specialist to take care of this project, here are some tips you can use.

First, ask for referrals. Talk with family, friends, relatives or colleagues who’ve used the services of a local car body and custom paint shop in the past. Inquire about their experience when working with the shop and how it went. If you hear positive feedback for the shop, might as well add it to your list of options to consider.

Next, ask if they are industry recognized. A lot of commercial services and trades are now facilitated by organizations that are devoted to setting and maintaining the highest possible standards for quality and equality for consumers. Ascertain that your auto body paint shop is known and governed by a prominent and trustworthy trade organization before considering them.

Check out Onestoptruckandautocollision.com to get high quality services with cost-efficient prices. Onestoptruckandautocollision.com is qualified and licensed to operate on automotive services with great end results. Call Onestoptruckandautocollision.com today at 631-392-1370!

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